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Article: Our Baby buying guide : Baby clothing sizes, explained: What you need for the first 12 months.

Our Baby buying guide : Baby clothing sizes, explained: What you need for the first 12 months.

When you're a new parent, your days and nights are filled with endless hours of feeding, changing, rocking and snuggling. We understand. We've been there too. That's why we make baby clothes that are soft, comfortable and easy to take care of. Stretchy fabrics and openings in all the right places to make dressing easy for on the go parents. Natural fibres that include cotton, bamboo and wool are always a great choice for baby. So when your little bundle of joy arrives, you'll need a few essentials. Here’s our guide to help you pick the right size for your baby’s first 12 months. 

Size 0000
Ideal for a NEW BABY
Weight up to 4kg 
If you're looking for something special to bring your new baby home in, size newborn clothing is a good choice. This size fits most average-sized babies, but babies will outgrow it quickly.  So stick to the essentials like zipsuits, bodysuits, and a keepsake knitted jacket and blanket or a special beanies for that first photo. Mittens can help protect fingers from scratching and a knot hat will keep little heads warm during chilly weather. Socks are also great for protecting little toes!
For our complete hospital checklist click here
Size 000
Ideal for the first 2 – 3 months
Weight up to 6kg
You and your baby are just getting to know one another; your nights and days are long, and you need clothing that is soft, stretchy and comfortable. Zipsuits are an ideal investment for new parents - use layers to build warmth, singlet bodysuits are great for keeping the chill out, layer your zipsuits and growsuits with knitted cardigans or jackets, a knitted beanie and blanket is essential for when you're out and about. Swaddles will help wrap your baby at night so they feel safe and secure; we recommend our bunny rugs-they have just the right amount of stretch to create the perfect cocoon.
Size 00
Ideal for baby from 3 – 6 months.
Weight up to 8kg
Your baby is smiling and laughing now and you may also feel like you want to start dressing them in little outfits. Leggings, bodysuits and tees are great everyday essentials, the bodysuit is great during winter as it won’t ride up and will keep little backs and chests warm. Add warmth with layers, button through knitted jackets are easy to take on and off, sweats and knitted hats are great for keeping little bodies warm.
As you baby approaches 6 months, they might also start to roll! This means it’s time for a sleeping bag at night, it is no longer recommended that you swaddle your baby once they start to roll. *Our sleeping bags are available in sizes 6 months +
You will need to pick the right sleeping bag for your environment, all of our sleeping bags are TOG tested and rated. TOG means the temperature of garment, see our TOG guide here.
Size 0
Ideal for baby from 6 – 12 months.
Weight up to 10kg
 As you know, your baby is starting to explore and try foods, he/she grows and learns new skills every day. These days are filled with milestones and mess, so you'll need lots of changes throughout the day. Long-sleeve tops are easy to take on and off and leggings offer protection as your baby might start to crawl. Zipsuits or our two-piece pyjama sets are great for night-time, while our sleeping bags help keep your little one covered throughout the night. Our zipsuits now come with optional feet if your tiny tot decides to walk or stand. As you know, layers are always key, bodysuits and socks keep little bodies warm; stretch rib leggings and tops help create comfort for your little one as he/she moves around.

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