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Baby Girl Clothes

For all year-round basics, our organic range of bodysuits, rib leggings and zipsuits are made with ultra-soft breathable organic cotton. For days spent outdoors, our wool blend cardigans and jumpers are great layering pieces.

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Petit Garden Organic Knot HatPetit Garden Organic Knot Hat
Pink Organic Quilted SweatPink Organic Quilted Sweat
Petit Garden Organic Zipsuit with FeetPetit Garden Organic Zipsuit with Feet
Pink Organic Quilted PantPink Organic Quilted Pant
Pink Organic Quilted Pant Sale price$39.95
Pink Organic Quilted JacketPink Organic Quilted Jacket
Petit Garden Organic HeadbandPetit Garden Organic Headband
Pink Organic Quilted GrowsuitPink Organic Quilted Growsuit
Petit Garden Organic Ruffle DressPetit Garden Organic Ruffle Dress
Petit Garden Organic BodysuitPetit Garden Organic Bodysuit
Mint Green Knitted Ruffle OverallMint Green Knitted Ruffle Overall
Pink Organic HeadbandPink Organic Headband
Pink Organic Headband Sale price$14.95
Organic 3 Pack Baby SocksOrganic 3 Pack Baby Socks
Organic 3 Pack Baby Socks Sale price$26.95
Pink Organic BodysuitPink Organic Bodysuit
Pink Organic Bodysuit Sale price$39.95
Pink Organic LeggingPink Organic Legging
Pink Organic Legging Sale price$29.95
Petit Garden Organic LeggingPetit Garden Organic Legging
Ecru Organic BodysuitEcru Organic Bodysuit
Ecru Organic Bodysuit Sale price$39.95
Dijon Knitted Ruffle OverallDijon Knitted Ruffle Overall
Dijon Knitted Ribbed HatDijon Knitted Ribbed Hat
Dijon Knitted Ribbed Hat Sale price$34.95
Tinker Floral Organic BodysuitTinker Floral Organic Bodysuit
Winter Bloom Organic Waffle Knot HatWinter Bloom Organic Waffle Knot Hat
Ecru Knitted Ruffle CardiganEcru Knitted Ruffle Cardigan
Winter Bloom Organic Waffle Ruffle ZipsuitWinter Bloom Organic Waffle Ruffle Zipsuit
Winter Bloom Organic Waffle LeggingWinter Bloom Organic Waffle Legging
Dijon Knitted Ribbed JumperDijon Knitted Ribbed Jumper
Tinker Floral Organic LeggingTinker Floral Organic Legging
Organic 3 Pack Baby SocksOrganic 3 Pack Baby Socks
Organic 3 Pack Baby Socks Sale price$26.95
Mint Green Knitted Ribbed HatMint Green Knitted Ribbed Hat
Ecru Organic TopEcru Organic Top
Ecru Organic Top Sale price$29.95
Mint Green Knitted Ribbed JumperMint Green Knitted Ribbed Jumper
Ecru Organic LeggingEcru Organic Legging
Ecru Organic Legging Sale price$29.95
Mint Green Knitted Legging with FeetMint Green Knitted Legging with Feet
Winter Bloom Organic Waffle Ruffle DressWinter Bloom Organic Waffle Ruffle Dress
Ecru Knitted Bauble BonnetEcru Knitted Bauble Bonnet
Ecru Knitted Cable JacketEcru Knitted Cable Jacket
Ecru Knitted Cable Jacket Sale price$69.95
Ecru Knitted Bauble HatEcru Knitted Bauble Hat
Ecru Knitted Bauble Hat Sale price$34.95
Ecru Knitted LeggingEcru Knitted Legging
Ecru Knitted Legging Sale price$39.95
Pink Knitted Pointelle BonnetPink Knitted Pointelle Bonnet
Emily Floral Organic Waffle Knot HatEmily Floral Organic Waffle Knot Hat
Fawn Organic Ruffle TopFawn Organic Ruffle Top
Fawn Organic Ruffle Top Sale price$34.95
Emily Floral Organic Waffle Ruffle ZipsuitEmily Floral Organic Waffle Ruffle Zipsuit
Emily Floral Organic Waffle LeggingEmily Floral Organic Waffle Legging
Fawn Organic BodysuitFawn Organic Bodysuit
Fawn Organic Bodysuit Sale price$39.95
Fawn Organic Ruffle DressFawn Organic Ruffle Dress
Fawn Organic Ruffle Dress Sale price$49.95
Fawn Organic HeadbandFawn Organic Headband
Fawn Organic Headband Sale price$14.95
Emily Floral Organic Waffle Ruffle DressEmily Floral Organic Waffle Ruffle Dress
Pink Knitted Pointelle Kimono CardiganPink Knitted Pointelle Kimono Cardigan
Pink Knitted Legging with FeetPink Knitted Legging with Feet
Pink Knitted Bauble HatPink Knitted Bauble Hat
Pink Knitted Bauble Hat Sale price$34.95
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Comfortable and stylish, our gorgeous range of baby girl clothes feature playful prints and fun frills. They’re perfect as a gift or simply to spoil your special little girl. With fast shipping Australia wide and internationally, it’s easy to shop our collection of baby girl clothes online.