We can't beat a hand knitted cardigan from Nanna - but we think we come close! The secret to our delectable knit range is bamboo, which makes our knitwear slip on like silk (not a scratchy beanie in sight!) Mixed with cotton and wool, it's toasty warm, breathable, hypoallergenic, and machine washable (if you've got a garment bag handy, it never hurts to pop it in there in a regular cycle). Did we mention they look as incredible as they feel? 
Our knit jackets are longer this season for extra warmth and feature a lovely hood with an irresistible pom-pom; while our new knit leggings have in-built knee pads for crawlers on the move. Don't hesitate in buying a beanie to match as they always sell out quicksticks, and are wonderful for covering little ears. Because we know value for wear is important, our knit sizing is slightly roomier - so no need to go up a size.
As for our knit blankets, they are truly special investment piece that you'll treasure for years - and maybe future babies - to come.